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present offers with certainty and peace of mind. Detec AS wish to reward customers entering software update agreements since all parts benefit from it, meaning that it is always less expensive to have an update agreement than buying updates afterwards. You can use the same camera for both purposes, as radiometric thermal cameras gives you the lowest possible false alarm-rates for video-based intrusion detection. We focus on your expressed needs, and combine it with an understanding of expectations based on a wide range of previous references, as well as product expertise based on long experience and in-depth knowledge about trends and technologies in the industry. Click images to read more about the markets. We also offer a selection of all-round IP cameras that can be used in most video surveillance applications. No other desktop video conferencing solution offers wider and deeper interoperability. Training Detec AS can offer different kinds of training. You can also use the Detec Next software for digital signage, or perhaps switch between digital signage and live video from cameras in the store - both informative and theft-preventive. Video can be recorded with the resolution allowing real-time, usually full. We can help design solutions from the ground up, suggest upgrades and improvements on existing systems, and help meet specifications. Cctv Distribution and E-Commerce From the start, Detec AS has been a distributor in its home-market. Lingerie TO rule THE world, the Power of Provocateur, come closer. As a standard, we offer training programs for our Detec Next VMS targeting end-users, installers and professional users/administrators. Museums Attractions, preserve the old with innovation, airports. With a software update agreement you get access to all the newest versions, service releases and camera/device protocols. You can use thermal cameras to reduce the risk of false alarms, preferably radiometric. Make use of special camera license for radiometric thermal cameras that measure temperature, and notifies alarms on critical limits. It is a very user-friendly IP-based recording system with the purpose that the user shall conduct manual synchronous recordings of video and/or audio from one or more cameras and one or more sound sources in real-time. Get it from our webshop 4K - A heightened sense of security. video chat norge video chat rooms


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Today, we distribute brands like Sony, Hikvision, Arecont Vision, flir, JVC Kenwood, Fujinon, Computar, Ganz, Videotec, ZyXel, Veracity, Intel, Seagate, and Microsoft. Compare time-periods and effect of digital signage, campaigns, moving shelves and displays etc. The video conferencing software extends communications beyond the typical conference room setting to mobile professionals. Detec Next Enterprise is a central management system intended for connecting multiple Detec Next servers or Detec.12 servers to multiple clients in a guarded central control room environment. Easily connect to room-based video systems, or individuals with a simple directory search and click. Technical Support Detec AS can offer technical support on different support platforms such as e-mail, phone, remote desktop and chat. We are well experienced in integration projects. These are our main services: Software Development Integration Since our core business is our Detec Next Video Management Software, we have very skillful employees and partners involved in software development.

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Our technical support team have in-depth knowledge about our own software to handle all enquiries. That may depend on upgrades. Contact us, solution for critical infrastructure such as power stations and substations or telecom base stations where you combine temperature measurement alarms pointing at critcal parts of the site with licenses for perimeter detection. We aim to be a one-stop shop for all your video surveillance needs! To get increased service level, we offer Software Update Agreements. Contact us, in-store analysis of customer flow using heatmap and a free number of counting lines on both live and recorded video. If we are unable to repair in our workshop, we will handle all communication and logistics with the manufacturer. Easily provision and authorize up to 50,000 individual users with just the click of a mouse thanks to the tight integration of RealPresence Resource Manager and Microsoft Active Directory. Our long history as a distributor bear witness of a company which has made many strategically correct choices, one of which was to introduce E-Commerce at an early stage. Being a certified dealer also has a great commercial value. Acoustic Fence creates an audio video chat norge video chat rooms barrier that removes distractions from the conference call such as water cooler talk, metro noises, grounds keeping noise. Shop Black Lingerie, genevieve, oUR collections, oriah. In our webshop, you find all Detec software and hardware, and all equipment you need to offer end-to-end video surveillance solutions - and more! Hear every nuance of the spoken word with the industry's leading audio codecs, which support up to 20kHz audio. You can find most available products in our webshop. We also offer a training program that certifies technicians, enabling them to handle standard installation, configuration and service procedures. Contact us, a number of features have been especially developed for bank security in mind, such as automated commands triggered by robbery alarm buttons and burglar alarms, search and archive routines, looped sound recording, and special recording procedures. From HQ the bank can set up a control center to monitor branch offices. We also offer service repairs on our suppliers' products, thus shortening the time in repair - a service quite rare today. Many of these requirements may not be everyday tasks for our dealers, and we can offer them our aid, either on-site or remotely via remote desktop. Record video sessions right from your computer to the Polycom platform for later viewing. Either our Detec Next VMS can be upgraded with new tasks to become more of a full-scale security management system, or we can offer different forms of adaptations to ready-made software developer kits (SDKs, APIs, OPC) that will convert. Share TV-quality virtual business card that identifies user, location, and title. The solution has been developed in co-operation with sintef. We can also offer general cctv training or training sessions tailored to the customer's needs. video chat norge video chat rooms

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